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Here some tips for the best play experience...

  • Keep jar with playdough closed when you are not using it.
  • Put used playdough back in the jar for later play. Add 2-5 drops of water if it suddenly feels a bit dry. Softer playdough works better for smaller kids.
  • Collect crumbs by a larger piece of playdough (a bit of crumbing is OK).
  • Dough crumbs are also easy to collect when they are dry.
  • Try mixing 2 colours together to get new flavours and hues.
  • To preserve your piece of art, let it dry in the oven at 50-60C for 2-4 hours. The colour will fade, but you can make it brighter by covering it with transparent varnish or paint.


  • Our playdough is a natural product and can slightly vary in colours and texture from the picture and from batch to batch.
  • If your playdough starts feeling a bit dry or white hint occurs on it (crystallising salt) – try adding a drop of water, it was probably exposed to too much air.
  • the WH playdough has been safety tested and no harmful bacteria should occur in it. However it’s an organic and natural product with use of mild and safe preservatives, and we can’t control its quality after it has left our premises. Just make sure it’s not exposed to liquids and air and you can play with it for months.
  • If you have any questions or think something went wrong with your playdough – please feel free to contact us: hello@thewildhearts.dk.


  • This playdough is non-edible. It’s made to taste bitter to avoid the big eat.
  • Contains organic wheat, organic oils, salt, and organic natural colourants. Contact us if you have allergy concerns: hello@thewildhearts.dk.
  • The WH playdough should be stored in an airtight container at room temperature for up to 12 months – see expiry date at the bottom of your jar.
  • For people 2+ years. Some play kits are for 3+ and 5+ years – read description on the website.